BlizzCon 2010 Dance Contest
BlizzCon 2010 Dance Contest

Scrunch those leg warmers and slip into that leotard -- preparations for the BlizzCon 2010 dance contest are in full swing!

BlizzCon attendees will be invited on-stage to faithfully recreate the dances of World of Warcraft and will be judged by an expert panel of rhythmically-inclined Blizzard talent evaluators. Whether you're struttin' on-stage to impress all the single ladies, or you've seen a past performance and think you can beat it, we're sure that everyone in attendance will be feelin' the Saturday night fever. (We know it's on Friday! These puns aren't easy, okay?)

If you want to participate you must sign up online by October 4 to be eligible. No signups will be allowed at the event, and we'll only be accepting 55 entrants, so sign up soon!

Award Categories

  • First Place:
    32GB iPod Touch
  • Second Place:
    16GB iPod Nano
  • Third Place:
    $125 iTunes gift card

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