Careers FAQ
Careers FAQ
How do I get a job at Blizzard?

Please refer to the jobs section of our website for a current list of opportunities.

Do you have any internships or summer jobs?

Please visit our University Relations webpage for more information regarding internship opportunities.

How do I get a job as a designer?

Game design positions are rarely available. Your best shot at becoming a game designer for Blizzard is to first get a job as a 3D level designer. Successful level design demonstrates many of the skills that are also needed for game design.

I make great StarCraft maps. How do I get a job as a map designer?

StarCraft maps and Warcraft II Puds are no longer used in development. Blizzard map/level designers work on upcoming projects that require a new range of 3D skills. The best way to be considered for a 3D level design position is to play a 3D game that has a map editor, such as Warcraft III. You can then create some levels and submit them for consideration along with your resume.

What do I need to know to become a programmer for Blizzard?

Blizzard has several different programming positions available. Programmers are needed to work on, individual games, 3D and graphics, tools, and other areas. All of these positions require an extensive understanding of C and C++. Once you have a solid foundation in this area, other skills can be acquired. Knowledge of probability, statistics, geometry, and other math sciences is helpful. Please refer to the jobs section of our website for further details on programming positions.

I want to work for Blizzard, but I am from a foreign nation.

If you are not a United States citizen, you will need a work visa to work in the United States. A four-year degree and/or work experience can certainly help you acquire a work visa.

What if the position I want is not being advertised?

Blizzard is always looking for passionate and talented individuals, and we encourage you to create a Blizzard Candidate Profile in our jobs section. By creating a Candidate Profile, you will be able to specify your preferred job search criteria for future openings here at Blizzard Entertainment.

How do I become a game tester? Can I do it from home?

Game testers are initially hired on as temporary employees that must be local to the Southern California area. All game testers are required to work from our headquarters in Irvine, California.

Do you hire contractors for audio design?

We have a full-time, permanent sound team that handles all of our audio design and composition. If you are interested in a full-time sound position or possible contract work, please check our job site for any future openings.

What does it mean if I have submitted my resume, but I have not heard from you?

Our review process can be quite extensive, so please allow us two to three weeks for us to make a decision on your application. Unfortunately, due to the large number of applicants we receive daily, we may be unable to get back to you if we have passed on your application.