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Graduating Students
Graduating Students

We're always looking for top talent! If you’re an upcoming or recent graduate, have a passion for games, and aspire to work for Blizzard Entertainment, we may have the right opportunity for you!

Visit our Jobs Directory
We encourage graduating seniors to peruse our Jobs Directory for positions that meet their interests, skill sets, and career aspirations. Check back often – needs change frequently.

From time to time, the University Relations team will list opportunities specifically for graduating seniors. You will find those positions listed on the Jobs Directory under “New Grad Opportunities”. We still encourage students to apply to opportunities elsewhere on the Jobs Directory if these positions don’t meet their interests, or if there are no current opportunities listed under “New Grad Opportunities”.
Looking for more information?
While you check for and monitor opportunities on the Jobs Directory, please feel free to check out the roles section on our careers site to better prepare yourself for the application process.

Learn more about functions at Blizzard Entertainment (like engineering or design), what qualities we look for in new team members, as well as advice for building experience and a strong application. Blizzard’s hiring process is thorough and thoughtful and favors the well prepared and well informed!