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Sep 1, 2010 StarCraft II: Over 3 Million Served
Within its first month of release, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has already gone on to sell more than 3 million copies. We want to thank everyone who's already picked up the game for helping us achieve this incredible milestone and for bringing the thunder to Read the full announcement here.
Sep 1, 2010 SwagDog Class Icon Custom T-Shirt Contest
Are you a guru when it comes to the ways of the priest? Think you know everything there is to know about death knights? Well, it's time to put your knowledge to the test. To prepare for the upcoming launch of its newest World of Warcraft customized Class Icon t-shirt collection, SwagDog wants you to show how well you know your character classes.

Starting Tuesday, August 31, we'll be posting two questions per day on our Warcraft Twitter page that will focus on key aspects of each World of Warcraft character class. For each of the ten class questions, we'll be selecting five winners at random from those who answer correctly to receive their very own SwagDog Class Icon custom t-shirt!

The Class Icon line will be launching this Friday, September 3, and features re-imagined designs of your favorite class emblems. Preview the death knight and priest class icons below, and be sure to stay tuned, as we'll be providing sneak peeks at all the class icons throughout the week. To learn more about this fashion-forward contest and how to participate, check out the full contest rules for details and eligibility.
Aug 30, 2010 Winners of 2010 LATAM StarCraft Writing Contest
Winners of the 2010 Latin American StarCraft Writing Contest
The 2010 Latin American StarCraft Writing contest has finally come to an end! We received many incredible entries from talented writers. We're amazed to see how passionate our community is about our games. We judged submissions from across a wide variety of genres including military fiction, strange tales of alien romance, and action-packed stories of all kinds. After much deliberation, we've finally picked our winners, click here to check them out!
Aug 27, 2010 New StarCraft Fan Art
The Blizzard Fan Art Section was just updated with new artwork from your community peers. Come take a look at 6 new works based on the StarCraft universe.

Would you like to share your artistic talents with the StarCraft community? Submit your fan art today!
Aug 26, 2010 Blizzard Art Gallery Update
The Blizzard Art gallery has been updated with 2 pieces representing the Warcraft universe. These pieces offer an inside look at the creative process behind building this virtual world.
Aug 25, 2010 New Fan Art
The Blizzard Fan Art Section was just updated with new artwork from your community peers. Come take a look at 4 new works based on the Warcraft universe.

Would you like to share your artistic talents with the Warcraft community? Submit your fan art today!
Aug 25, 2010 BlizzCon 2010 In-Game Items
BlizzCon 2010 World of Warcraft & StarCraft II In-Game Items
"Death will rise from the tide!" Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain once warned -- and at BlizzCon 2010, the band's dire musical prophecy will finally come to pass. Everyone who attends this year's BlizzCon or purchases the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will receive an exclusive set of murlocalyptic in-game items for World of Warcraft and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. World of Warcraft players will be joined by Deathy, a murloc companion decked out as Deathwing and doing his best to strike fear into the hearts of Azeroth's crustacean population. You'll also be able to display your tidal pride in StarCraft II with a Murloc Marine character portrait and a pair of deep-sea decals to emblazon on your units, each with a different terran, protoss, and zerg design.

BlizzCon 2010 takes place on October 22 and 23 at the Anaheim Convention Center. For further details or to order the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, visit
Aug 24, 2010 Wrath. Launches in Mainland China August 31
Wrath of the Lich King Launches in Mainland China August 31
The shadow of Icecrown Citadel grows longer, and the armies of the Scourge prepare for battle on a new front.... We're pleased to announce that World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King will be released in mainland China on August 31! For more information, check out our recent press release.
Aug 21, 2010 Diablo III on YouTube
The new official Diablo III channel on YouTube is now live! Check out high-quality streaming versions of our cinematics, gameplay trailers, and in-game movies, including the brand-new caravan preview video. Make sure to come back often, as we will be adding even more video content in the future.
Aug 20, 2010 New StarCraft Fan Art
Today we take another look at the intriguing artwork submitted by your fellow StarCraft enthusiasts in our updated Blizzard Fan Art Section. Take a moment to check out these pieces, as they stand as a testament to this great community.

Do you have what it takes to express your artistic talents within the Diablo, StarCraft, or Warcraft universes? Submit your fan art now!