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Jul 26, 2010 StarCraft II Special - BlizzCast #14 Released
In our 14th BlizzCast episode, we are joined by Production Director Chris Sigaty and Game Director Dustin Browder to discuss the StarCraft II beta experience and to recap some of the custom maps and creative strategies adopted by beta testers. The developers also delve into several other exciting topics including the upcoming achievement system and what players can expect to find in both the StarCraft II single-player campaign and challenge modes once the game is released.

Check out BlizzCast 14 now!
Jul 26, 2010 Win StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Gear From Razer
Want to be among the first to get your hands on Razer's entire line of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty peripherals? Enter Razer's midnight launch contest and you could win the new Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse, the Razer Marauder StarCraft II Gaming Keyboard, and the Razer Banshee StarCraft II Gaming Headset. These products feature a multi-color APM (Actions-Per-Minute) lighting system that provides real-time feedback about your performance and allows you to configure visual alerts to in-game situations. The contest begins at midnight on July 27 and runs until midnight on July 31. Visit for additional details.
Jul 22, 2010 New Fan Art
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 3 new pieces of fan artwork set within the Warcraft universe.
Jul 22, 2010 New Concept Art
Our Concept Art gallery has been updated with two new pieces.
Jul 21, 2010 Join the Dominion Campaign Complete
Outstanding work, recruits! With your contributions to the Dominion war effort, our supremacy in the sector is assured. The empire's citizenry can breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to your courageous sacrifices. The final reward has been unlocked, and along with the lore bridge videos, it should help tide you over until the release of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty on July 27. Congratulations on your achievement. Dismissed!

Watch the extended StarCraft II "Ghosts of the Past" trailer at the Join the Dominion! site.
Jul 20, 2010 StarCraft II Midnight Launch Event at Fry's
We've just announced plans for the official StarCraft II launch event taking place at Fry's Electronics in Fountain Valley, CA. Festivities will start at 9 p.m. on July 26, and attendees will be able to pick up their copies and get them signed by Blizzard developers starting at midnight. To learn more about the event, check out the press release and head over to our midnight launch event page. We hope to see you there!

For those unable to attend our Southern California event, please note that GameStop, Best Buy, and Walmart will be holding launch events throughout the country. See our midnight launch event page for further details.
Jul 16, 2010 StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Digital Sales Available July 27
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty warps into stores on July 27, but if there are no vendors within your psionic matrix, you will also be able to purchase StarCraft II via digital download on July 27. Players planning to purchase the game digitally can cut down their waiting time by downloading the game client in advance, so all you'll need to do on July 27 is install, activate, and play. Click here to learn more.
Jul 16, 2010 Remote Auction House - Android Update
The free Remote Auction House app for Android devices, which lets you bring the in-game World of Warcraft Auction House with you anywhere you go, has recently been updated to allow you to choose between multiple languages and to address several minor issues. If you don't already have the Remote Auction House app, you can download it for free by searching for "Remote Auction House" in the Android Market on your phone.

For more information about the Remote Auction House and the subscription-based World of Warcraft Remote service, check out the Remote Auction House FAQ and World of Warcraft Remote FAQ.
Jul 16, 2010 FigurePrints Summer Sale and Expanded Armor Sets
If you've been considering getting a custom statue of your World of Warcraft character, now is the perfect time; FigurePrints has just announced that from now through August 31, all orders are 10% off. In addition, the available armor sets now include all tiers through tier 10 as well as all Arena sets. Visit for more information or to place an order.
Jul 15, 2010 New Concept Art
Our Concept Art gallery has been updated with two new pieces.