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Oct 16, 2009 in Italian

In keeping with our effort to grow and support our global gaming community, we're happy to announce that is now available in the Italian language! Visit in Italiano. Diamine, era ora!

Oct 14, 2009 New Fan Art
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 7 new artwork from World of Warcraft.

Oct 13, 2009 Halloween Pumpkin Contest: The Return
The Royal Photographic Society of Azeroth is renewing its competition in celebration of Halloween. In a longstanding Blizzard Entertainment tradition, this year we're proud to announce our seventh annual pumpkin-carving contest.

Between 12:00 a.m. PDT on October 13 and 11:59 p.m. PDT on October 28, the RPSA will be accepting submissions for the pumpkin contest. The shutterbugs who submit the most outstanding photos of their work will have their pictures proudly displayed on and on Halloween. In addition, the crafters of the five most interesting, original, and well-carved pumpkin designs will each be recognized for their merits with a 32 GB iPod touch! Special thanks go out to Apple for this fantastic prize!

Pumpkin submission tips:
  • The winning entries will display high levels of originality, craftsmanship, and possibly humor.
  • Your pumpkin must be lit up by a candle or other light source in your photo entry. You can show another photo of the pumpkin unlit if you wish.
  • Pumpkins must be related to World of Warcraft or another Blizzard Entertainment title.
  • Try to take the best picture possible, as picture quality helps make a good impression on the judges.
  • Make sure you tell us what the pumpkin is supposed to be in the caption, just in case it's not clear.
If you want to view some past pumpkin-carving contest winners, you can see them here: [2004], [2005], [2006], [2007], [2008]. Check out the contest page for additional details, including the official rules and submission form. Good luck!
Oct 12, 2009 New StarCraft Fan Art
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 1 new artwork from StarCraft.

Oct 12, 2009 The Dragonflight (Stein) Has Landed
Charge of the Great Dragonflights, the fourth release of the Epic Collection Series of World of Warcraft steins from Taverncraft, which was introduced earlier this year at BlizzCon, is now available for shipment. The stein showcases all five Dragon Aspects in full-color, bas-relief illustration, and also features an exquisitely crafted dragon’s tail handle. For more information, check out the Taverncraft website, Twitter feed, or Facebook page.

Oct 8, 2009 New Fan Art
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 3 new artwork from World of Warcraft.

Oct 1, 2009 New Fan Art
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with 3 new artwork from World of Warcraft.

Oct 1, 2009 FigurePets Series 2 Now Available

Today, FigurePrints launched Series 2 of FigurePets, limited-edition pets created to go along with their custom character statues, and manufactured using the same high-tech 3D printing process. Series 2 features Egbert, Snarly, and Sleepy Willy, and is only available until October 31, after which the pets will not be produced again. You can purchase them individually for $29.95 or get the whole set for $74.85, and with any FigurePets order, you’ll also get a 10% discount on a FigurePrints character statue. For more information or to place an order, head over to

Sep 30, 2009 Blizzard Entertainment on YouTube

The new official Blizzard Entertainment channel on YouTube is now live! Check out high-quality streaming versions of our cinematics, gameplay trailers, and in-game movies. Make sure to come back often, as we will be adding even more video content in the weeks ahead.